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N-sane Art is the premier site for getting to know the wonderful program of Adobe Photoshop better. Our well crafted tutorials will help you improve your prowess with Photoshop in an entertaining way by helping you achieve tangible results quickly.

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Happy New Year! - December 31st, 2006

Happy New Year from N-sane Art! We hope to see you all in 2007! Here is to an awesome new year!

N-sane Arcade - December 28th, 2006

The arcade has made a comeback on our forums! Need a break from art and Photoshop? Head over to our forums and play a game or two. You might even get on the high score list!

Photoshop Support - December 28th, 2006

We have a new feature open called Photoshop Support. You can ask us any question you have that is related to Photoshop. It is even fine to ask us questions about tutorials on other websites. Just click on the link to the left and ask away! We will be adding this feature to all our tutorials in the near future.

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