Shiny Text

Learn how to create some nice beveled text with a shine on it.

4 Steps
Important Tools:
  • Horizontal Type Tool
  • Blending Options
  • Polygon Lasso Tool
  • Contract

Step 1 - Setting up the Document
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Base TextCreate a new image any size (we used 340x100px) with a white background. Using the Type Tool, write a word or two in Black ( Hex #000000). We wrote "N-sane Art" using the font Impact size 8pt.

Step 2 - Adding the Bevel
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Right-click on the text layer in the Layer Palette and click on "Blending Options..." Use the settings in the images below.

Drop ShadowBevel and EmbossGradient OverlayStroke

Step 3 - Creating the Shine
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Select Layer TransparencyNow that your text has a nice effect on it, it is time to add the shine. Right-click the thumbnail of the text layer on the Layer Palette and choose "Select Layer Transparency".

Polygon Lasso ToolWhile pressing Alt, use the Polygon Lasso Tool to de-select the bottom half of the selection.

Step 4 - Final Touches
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Without de-selecting, create a new layer. Contract the selection ( Select > Modify > Contract ) by 3 pixels. Fill ( Edit > Fill ) in the selection with White ( Hex #FFFFFF ).

Lower the opacity of the layer with the shine on it to 45%.

You can change the background to anything you want and the shiny text should still look good!

Shiny Text

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