Plastic Text

Learn how to create this sleek plastic text using only layer styles.

5 Steps
Very Easy
Important Tools:
  • Blending Options

Step 1 - Setting up the Text
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First create a new document. I created a 328x85px document and filled ( Edit > Fill ) the background with color Hex #4e4e4e.

Using the Horizontal Type Tool, write some text. The text I created uses the font "Ariel Black" at a size of 72pt and with a color of white ( Hex #ffffff ).

Step 1 Text

Step 2 - Drop Shadow
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All this style of text needs in order for completion is a Layer Style. To create the layer style, open the Blending Options of the text layer. Do this by right clicking the layer on the Layer Palette and clicking on "Blending Options".

Over the next 3 steps, we will be adding 3 Blending Options: Drop Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, and Gradient Overlay.

Drop ShadowFirst we will add the Drop Shadow. Click on the image to the left and use the values shown in your own Layer Styles window.

We use the Drop Shadow to create the illusion that the text is not quite on the background and is instead floating above it. It adds depth to the text without actualy manipulating the text itself.

Drop Shadow Result

Step 3 - Bevel and Emboss
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Bevel and EmbossNow add a Bevel and Emboss . Click on the image to the right and use the values shown in your own Layer Styles window.

Be sure to create a new custom Gloss Countour. Do this by clicking on the arrow on the Glass Contour box, then clicking on the little arrow on the window that pops up. Make a contour similar to the one in the image to the right.

The Bevel and Emboss makes the illusion of 3-dimensions by adding shine and shadows to the text. We changed the Glass Contour in order to make the shine appear not right on the edge of the text but somewhat inside.

Bevel and Emboss Result

Step 4 - Gradient Overlay
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Gradient Overlay Finally, add a Gradient Overlay . Click on the image to the left and use the values shown in your own Layer Styles window.

The Gradient Overlay in this case is the coloring of the text. We made the bottom brighter than the top in order to enhance the plastic effect.

Gradient Overlay Result

Step 5 - Layer Style
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Now you want to save this Layer Style so you can use it later whenever you want. Without closing your Blending Options, click on the "New Style..." button. Name your style "Plastic Text" and Click "OK".

You should now be able to click on the style in the Styles Window ( Window > Styles ) to apply it to any layer you want. It works best on text layers but it will also work for anything else!


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