Easy Pixel Bevel

Create a pixel bevel layer style easily and use it to create great layouts whenever you want!

5 Steps
Important Tools:
  • Blending Options
  • Styles
  • Pencil Tool
  • Zoom

Step 1 - Part I : Creating the Style
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In Part I, we will be creating the Style.

Create a new image 100x100px with a white ( Hex #FFFFFF ) background.

Create a new layer ( Layers > New > Layer... ) above the background layer and name it "Bevel".

Step 2 - Part I : Blending Options
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Open the Blending Options for layer "Bevel" by right clicking the layer in the Layer Palette.

Apply the Blending Options showin in the images below.

Blending Options 1

Without closing the Blending Options window (if you closed the window just reopen it), click on the button that says "New Style". Rename the style "Easy Pixel Bevel " and press "Ok".

Easy Pixel Bevel Style

Close the Blending Options window. You have just created the Layer Style.

Step 3 - Part II : Creating the Base
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Part II outlines how to apply your pixel bevel to shapes/text/anything.

RectangleOn layer "Bevel", create a rectangle. Do this by first activating layer "Bevel" by clicking on it on the Layer Palette. Next, create a rectangular selection using the Rectangle Marquee Tool. Fill ( Edit > Fill ) this selection with 50% Gray.

Step 4 - Part II : Applying the Style
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Style WindowPixel BevelLook at the Styles window ( Windows > Styles ). You should see a preview of the style "water" you just created. Click on it.

Now your plain rectangle should have a one pixel bevel on it!

Step 5 - Part II : Drawing a Decoration
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We will now be adding a tiny decoration to the box. Zoom in ( View > Zoom In ) to 1600% and look at the upper left corner of your box.

Zoomed inChange the Foreground on the Layer Palette to White ( Hex #FFFFFF ).

Easy Pixel Bevel Rectangle FinishedUsing the Pencil Tool at 1px, draw the decoration shown to the left onto your box.

Zoom out ( View > Zoom Out ) to 100% and you are done!

Step 6 - Tips
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Be creative with how you apply this style! You can apply it to practically anything from shapes to text.

Also, the color of whatever you are applying the style to does not have to be 50% Gray. It can be any color you want including gradients! Below is an example of something we created to give you an idea on what you can do.

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