TV Scanlines

Learn how to create and use patterns in order to create a TV scanline effect on any image you want.

5 Steps
Very Easy
Important Tools:
  • Zoom
  • Pencil Tool
  • Define Pattern
  • Fill
  • Use Pattern

Step 1 - Setting up the Document
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Create a new image that is 1x2 pixels. Make sure the background is transparent.

Zoom in all the way until the zoom is at 1600%

Step 2 - Drawing the Pattern
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one pixelSelect the pencil tool and draw one pixel on the bottom of the image.

Step 3 - Defining the Pattern
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Using the upper menu, select Edit > Define Pattern, name your pattern "TV Scanline," and press OK

Good! You are done defining your pattern. Now you can put it on any image you want using the steps below.

Step 4 - Applying the Pattern
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edit > fillOpen the image you want to add scanlines to and make a new layer

Using the upper menu, select Edit > Fill. Under "Use" select "Pattern"

Under "Custom Pattern" select the option that looks like the scanline image that you just created.

Press OK and you are done!

BMW Scanlines

Step 5 - Extra Options
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A fun way to make your scanlines look better is to play with the Blending Modes and Opacity of the layer they are on.

Try scrolling through the Blending Modes to see how they affect the look of the scanlines on your image.

Try changing the Opacity of your Scanline layer to see how it affects the look of your image.

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