Mutant Amoeba

Uh oh! The Amoeba under the microscope is mutating!

4 Steps
Important Tools:
  • Levels
  • Glowing Edges
  • Flip

Step 1 - Setting up the Image
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Create a new image 500x500px with a "transparent" background.

LevelsRender some Clouds ( Filter > Render > Clouds ). Next, render Difference Clouds ( Filter > Render > Difference Clouds ) three times. Do this by using the top menu to execute the Difference Clouds filter once, then pressing Ctrl-F 2 times to repeat the last filter (in this case Difference Clouds) two times.

Bring up the Levels Menu ( Ctrl-L or Image > Adjustments > Levels... ). Use around the settings shown in the image above.

Step 2 - Layer Preparations
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Colorize the image using the Hue/Saturation window ( Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation ). Use the settings on the below.

Duplicate the layer 3 times so you have a total of 4 layers. Rename the top layer "1", the second layer "2", the third layer "3", and the fourth layer "4".

Colorize Layers Numbered

Change the Blending Mode of layer 1 to "Screen". Do this to layers 2 and 3 as well.

Step 3 - Applying the Glowing Edges Filter
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Choose layer 1 from the Layer Palette. Apply the Glowing Edges Filter ( Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edges ) with the settings below.

Repeat the Glowing Edges Filter on layers 1, 2, 3, and 4 by pressing Ctrl-F.

Glowing Edges Glowing Edges Result

Step 4 - Final Touches
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Mutant AmoebaChoose layer 2 on the Layer Palette and apply a Gaussian Blur ( Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur ) with a strength of 1.5.

Lastly, choose layer 4 on the Layer Palette. Flip it 90 degrees to the right ( Edit > Transform > Flip 90 degrees CW ). Apply a Gaussian Blur ( Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur ) with a strength of 4.6 to layer 4.

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