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Here at N-sane Art, we believe that a picture really can tell 1000 words. This is why we have been adamant in including many images in our Photoshop tutorials for the past three and a half years. We strive to provide easy, fun, and unique tutorials to help you get acquainted with Photoshop in the most painless fashion possible.

N-sane Art Timeline

7/4/03 N-sane Art Started Version
  Information lost for this period of time  
8/16/03 20,000th Visitor Visitor
8/20/03 Oil Text Tutorial
8/20/03 Energy Warp Tutorial
8/21/03 30,000th Visitor Visitor
8/21/03 Solar Surface Tutorial
8/26/03 Trippy Wave Tutorial
8/29/03 Neron Hosting Host
9/4/03 Organic Raw Flesh Tutorial
9/6/03 Crystal Clear Iris Tutorial
9/9/03 Splattered Metal Tutorial
9/11/03 N-sane Newsletter 1 New Feature
9/12/03 Free 88x31 Buttons New Feature
9/13/03 First Report of a "Rip" News
9/15/03 N-sane 4 Version
9/15/03 PHP Tutorial Section New Feature
9/20/03 Guest Tutorials New Feature
9/20/03 N-sane 5 Version
9/20/03 About Section New Feature
9/20/03 History Section New Feature
9/21/03 PHP Script Section New Feature
9/21/03 Shocking Text Tutorial
9/24/03 Downtime News
9/25/03 200,000th Visitor Visitor
9/30/03 Left Perfect Realm Network Host
10/1/03 Electric Plasma Gel Tutorial
10/1/03 Organic Flesh Fan Tutorial
10/1/03 N-sane 5 Halloween News
10/7/03 300,000th Visitor Visitor
12/1/03 Urban Decay Tutorial
12/9/03 N-sane 5 Winter News
12/18/03 1,000,000th Visitor Visitor
12/31/03 N-sane 6 Version
12/31/03 Featured Site New Feature
1/1/04 Free Template Section New Feature
1/1/04 Font Section New Feature
1/6/04 Ice Wall Tutorial
1/6/04 Mutant Amoeba Tutorial
1/6/04 Interface Screws Tutorial
1/6/04 Interface Holes Tutorial
1/6/04 Interface Dents Tutorial
1/6/04 Interface Metal Plates Tutorial
1/8/04 Interface Cracked Metal Tutorial
1/9/04 Fluffy Realistic Clouds Tutorial
1/12/04 Water Drops Tutorial
3/6/04 2,000,000th Visitor Visitor
3/14/04 N-sane Forum Replaced News
6/22/04 3,000,000th Visitor Visitor
7/6/04 Focal Point Tutorial
7/7/04 Glowing Glass Button Tutorial
9/21/04 3D Spiral Abstract Tutorial
10/11/04 4,000,000th Visitor Visitor
11/14/04 Industrial Text Tutorial
11/14/04 Vector Using Shapes Tutorial
11/29/04 First Mention of N-sane 7 News
2/8/05 5,000,000th Visitor Visitor
  Activity Ceases  
12/20/06 All Tutorials Updated News
12/20/06 110 88x31 Buttons 88x31 Buttons
12/20/06 Time Machine New Feature
12/25/06 3D Text Tutorial
12/25/06 Chrome Text Tutorial
12/25/06 Glass Text Tutorial
12/25/06 Indent Text Tutorial
12/25/06 Plastic Text Tutorial
12/25/06 N-sane 7 Version

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